Photo shooting

A whole photo shoot day, with either one or two photographers, present from the preparations and until the party. It includes a customized pen drive with all the wedding photographies, without watermaks, so you can share them with anyone you want. You'll also have access to our private gallery service where all the guests will be able to see the wedding photographies, using an exclusive password to our website. Last but not least, we want to gift you with a customized box with 8 high quality printed photos.

Pre/Post wedding photo & video

This is a photo shoot done days before or after the wedding. This photo shoot is meant to be more relaxed, so you can show on camera how you are as a couple all alone. This service is also available with video filming.

Film photography

Film photography captures something different which we love, the colours, the skin tones, the definition. Thanks to medium format cameras and the chemical components of film, the results of the photographies are even more realistic. That's why we love to shoot on film during the best moments of the day.




A 3-4 minute video that sums up the best moments of the wedding. All recorded with one camera.

Long video

The long video is recorded with two cameras and compiles the most special moments and other details through out the day. The final video is about 10 minutes long.

Videoclip & Long video

You can have both videos. The one that sums up everything and feels more fresh, and the long one to be able to remember in motion all that happened during the wedding.


Photo shooting + Videoclip + Long video

This pack is the most complete way to keepsake all the memories of such a special day. You'll have all the details in different formats to share, visualize and save like a treasure.



Make your guests evidence their presence in your party in a funny and cheerful way. We'll prepare a setup with everything needed to picture the guests during two hours.


A in motion version of the photomaton, with lights, a microphone... The result: a best moments video. We prepare the setup with everything needed so the guests can do their thing in front of the camera during two hours.


You can save hundreds of digital photos, but a printed album is the best way to collect a selection of the very best. A selection of 180-200 photographies chosen by the couple, so you can show and look at in a tangible form.

Wedding memories box

A very special piece that keeps a selection of 20 photographies, selected by the couple, printed in very high quality.